Saturday, November 06, 2004

"Nights of Being Wild"

"Nights of being Wild" a film by Lilly Dee inspired by Wong Kar-wai's "Days of Being Wild" Posted by Hello

Friday, November 05, 2004

Journey In the Rain

On my way home Posted by Hello

This morning at 9:00 am I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock and mom (i talk so much about mom cause she is currently visiting me in NY.) screaming at me...yes she was leaving for montreal today and I promised her I would send her off. I got up and quickly put on a jacket and walked her down to the lobby and off course asked the concierge to get her a town car for LaGuardia. As we sat in the lobby waiting for the limo, I could see that mom was happy as she talked endlessy about Yoyo...and that she had forgotten about being angry. After I sent mom off and waved goodbye, as the doorman was putting her luggage in the trunk of the town car, I headed back up to my apartment, eyeing a stylish New Yorker toting a black Hermes Birkin bag...I remember thinking "when will I be able to get my own Birkin bag?"...then I went back to bed.
I almost achieved sleeping only five hours a day, when I broke the cycle today waking up at 4:00 pm. There was a thick veil of fog blocking the city view outside my window...I knew NY was raining...but I wasn't depressed because I love the rain. I got up, and had some coffee while reading "Just James" online and checking mail. I must say, I was touched by James' blog about moi and I also had a brief conversation with Alice about "Taiwanese parents" or more like "our parents" and the endless scolding and screaming we get from them...It's tough sometimes and it sure ruins our self confidence...
I headed to school at night for my interactive media course and managed to get added to the class, which I was very happy about because I desperatly wanted to learn "Flash MX". I headed home with a cup of starbucks coffee...and that was my journey in the's good to be in NY.

"Muji" soap box. Where does the contour of the box begin? And where does it end? Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Good Design

Vitra George Nelson Clock...Absolutely TIMELESS! Posted by Hello


My life in a mess - an attempt at cooking...wonder how the noodles manage to get there... Posted by Hello

The Day that Never Ends

Last night as I was working on my "Utopia" project and chatting many others,I was constantly checking the live update on the votes till 4:00 am when my body could no longer take it, and I had to force myself to go offline and go to bed...and the next morning woke and went back online to check the results...of course Bush won.
Over breakfast...conversation on the election ensued...and surprisingly mom gave a somewhat irrational reasoning as to how she predicted that Bush would win this election, regardless all the controversy surrounding Bush and this presidential election. She simply said that according to the chinese "way of reading" a person's face, based on important facial features such as the nose, the lobes, the forehead and most importantly the eyes. She mentioned that Kerry, lacked a certain presence that Bush had, which was important for a presidential figure of a country...she went on to say that Kerry's glance lacked focus whereas Bush's eyes was very sharp and direct...basically Bush, regardless of what he did had all the right "natural" ingredients to make him a president...and so it was predictable that he would win...
As an asian-canadian, this kind of saying is not completely irrational to me, however to others it might sound plain ignorant...but i think that it was refreshing to hear this amidst all the ongoing political debates surrounding Bush and Kerry...
At studio, it started feeling as though the day would never end, as most people gathered to talk about the results of the election and debate about the future of seemed that everyone including the professor had something to say...well except for me...I had come to the realization that I did not feel strongly enough to even express any thoughts onthe issue...and began wondering how and when had I unconsciously began to detach myself from the real and current made me wonder what kind of a world was I living in?...guilt continued to kick in as James expressed his feelings about Iraq in it's unresolved state...I began to wonder how had I become someone who did not care or feel for the turmoils happenning in the world.
I know that to say that I was neutral would simply be giving myself some excuse for how I feel...but I know it was simply because I didn't care about anything, even the election.
I realize that I constantly checked the live update, only because I wanted to be distracted from my design work.
So, that is why when everyone in studio was talking, I remained in my corner by the window do finishing up my collage...the more I listened to my peers talking the more I felt nauseated and evetually had to force myself to leave and go to starbucks for some fresh air...I dragged james along with me...of course...and later we had dinner with mom at Ollies...and the day seemed like it would never end as mom awakened me to the fact that I had been spending too much...and should learn to manage my expenses...and of course I felt like "shit" life had suddenly become a mess...and I had began feeling the pain in the "burden of life".

Looking at my beloved Rolling-jo always makes me feel better about...everything. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Just James and Life Inc.

Just James and Life Inc.

This is my friend James,... Yoyo's Boyfriend. And the inspiration of my life... well not really...more like the inspiration for me to start this blog you see here right now.

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On Enlightenment...

...however, "enlightentment" may be much more than that, perhaps even indescribable, because at that stage..all thoughts come to an end, even the thought of thinking about "enlightenment" disappears...perhaps it it something not to be thought about, but rather to be experienced through the practice of not thinking about the past, nor the future...but only truely living in the present, the so called "now", which is the only way to to stop all thoughts and thinking. Because once we are able to stop all thoughts that is time related such as past and future, we can truely begin living in the present and begin to notice the things in our environment that we fail to notice in life as we are often too preoccupied with regrets and memories of the past or fear ,anxiety or anticipation for the future...therefore we never fully live in the present...that is why some zen masters are able to experience "enlightenment" because time and space no longer exists...and meditation involves the practice of ending all thoughts... only then do they begin to hear the "real sounds" of the world amidst meditation or in their daily lives...the simple sounds of life that we fail to hear because we are not able to control our thoughts...the sound of a bell ringing, the sound of rain dripping, the sound of a car passing by, the sound of chanting going on in the temple, the sound of children playing in the yard, the sound of footsteps in the corridor...the intangible things of life and yet so ordinary, and yet so magical if only we clear our minds to absorb it...there is no magical or mystical aspect surrounding the idea of "enlightenment", it is simple an acknowledgment of what "is"...sometimes the most obvious answers in life can be overlooked because human beings have a tendency to trivialize life and the thought process due to culture and evolution...which is why to stop all thoughts is very difficult and something few can ever achieve in their lifetime...because thoughts will inevitably emerge as we begin to be affected by others in our surroundings...therefore to remain unaltered as the zen masters another diffiicult task...but these are all experiences and not thought...and yet through this very simple idea...but difficult to do...they begin to achieve what we call "enlightenment".

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stop! Stop! Stop!

stop time
stop winter from coming
stop my metrocard from an expiration date
stop the craziness in this world
stop thinking all the time
stop feeling
stop the depression
stop the regrets
stop looking back
stop looking to the future
stop caring about how others feel about me
stop wondering why things are the way they are
stop my mind from moving so fast because it drives me crazy
stop the tear from my jeans as I drag them on the sidewalks of NY
stop the hole in my TSE Cashmere sweater
stop the scratches on my Luella leather carry-all as I stuff it carelessly into my locker everyday
stop everything from slowly wearing away and dying
stop and just accept the world as it is
stop the sleepless nights please!

That's Just The Way I Am..."the odd ball" Posted by Hello

That's Just the Way I Am and I won't Apologize for It

I woke up around noon time today, with mom screaming in my ears complaining about the I am so this and sooo that la la la blah blah blah...she finally subsided as I got out of bed and as she simultaneously got into bed (due to jetlag).
As I stood in the kitchen making some coffee and chewing over some giant oily peanuts, a stream of negative thoughts began to unconsciously filter my mind...and suddenly I felt angry...really angry...I started hating myself again...and hating my mom for bringing those feelings of self-hatred that I have tried so hard to suppress over the years.
Suddenly all the memories of my awkward years were filling my thoughts...and I remember a few days ago mom started telling me about her wealthy friends...and for some reason she always has to add a little impertinent detail that has nothing whatsoever to do with the overall conversation. She always made a point to mention that so and so has a very beautiful daughter just like a porcelain doll...or so and so's daughter is not only accomplished but very beautiful...and so and so la la la blah blah blah...I always wonder what's the point of telling me all that? make me apoligize for Who I Am and How I Look?...It's just not fair...
So I told myself to snap out of it...because if I didn't then I would not be able to focus on my studio work...and I would probably never accomplish anything in life if let my deeply rooted self- hatred run my life...So that's just the way I am and I won't apologize for it!

A Day of Aimless Strolling in SoHo

This is the Victoria Secret Dog that mom bought me today, which I named "Sexy" Posted by Hello

rolling-jo Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

A Dog's Life

Ever since I moved to LA, I started developping the habit of changing my dog's name every ounce in a while...and of course mom gets annoyed cause she can never keep up with the names...but I guess as long as yoyo can keep up with it, it's fine.

official name, Yoyo: named after Yoyo Ma

JoJo: Yoyo's very first groomer..had very strong mexican instead of calling him yoyo he called him jojo, instead.

Strawberry Jo: For some reason I just felt like calling his Strawberry and cause it sounded girly for a male dog...just to annoy my mom.

Las Tunas Jo: Las Tunas is the name of the street that I always take on my way to my favorite Taiwanese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley area, on the weekends...this is also the street I use to take yoyo to his groomer.

Las Vegas Jo: This name came about after I bought "Learning From Las Vegas"...and also because I had just come back from Las Vegas.

Bella"jio": Cause we always stay at the Bellagio while in Vegas.

GY jo: originated from a very bad chinese swear word that I like.

Yosemite jo: Dad constantly obsessing about taking a trip to Yosemite, while he was in LA.

"Jo ren Jo" or "Ren ra Jo": just to annoy people.

Ninnian Jo: cause my friend Joyce said that my dog and I had the same haircut...I had bangs and the groomer had just given Yoyo bangs too in his new haircut...sigh

Cayenne Jo: named after my beautiful Porsche resting in a garage in LA...I miss it man!

Murakami Jo: named after my LV multicolor monogram Murakami bag...which I was on the waiting list for like almost four month!

Puma jo: I thought Puma sneakers were pretty cool, nicely designed too...gave a sense of speed...hoping that yoyo can be a speedy dog...whatever that means.

Spring roll jo: just can't help it!...james has been ordering spring roll for appetizer when we go to Ollies, lately.

Rolling jo: This name was a result of mom not being able to keep up with names. Mom was still writing e-mails and addressing herself as "Puma's Mom" and then I informed her that I had changed Yoyo's name to Spring roll Jo...she said the name sounded to the next time she wrote me...for some reason Yoyo's name became "Rolling Jo" and she started addressing herself on the e-mails as "Rolling Mom"...hmmm...weird...but it does sound like a combination of the words Spring and Roll.

Happy Halloween NY!

Today, after a long day of brunch and shopping with mom on 5th av and Madision...we came back home just in time to see the children in our apt building get dressed up to go trick-or some reason suddenly I wished I had children so that I could dress em up for hallowween too...then i thought eeew...and as I opened the door to my dog yoyo came to give a big welcome gesture at the door...haha just at that moment I had an idea to dress him up for the occasion and take him out trick-or-treating.
So Idressed yoyo up in his red and black plaid outfit and took him out for a stroll and came back and it was a disaster...he ended up barking at all the other kids in we came back abrubptly...sigh...
Overall, it was a good day...I didn't buy anything and mom got a small evening purse at Saks, I was impressed to see that Saks actually had a huge collection of Comme des Garcon and Issey Miyake clothing...the only regret I have was not being able to have afternoon tea at Takashimaya with mom, apparently the tea house is closed on sundays...

Sunday, October 31, 2004

"Thelma and Louise" at the Cherry Pie eating contest Posted by Hello

Cherry Pie feast

I woke up on at 6:00 pm on a saturday evening...angry at myself..for letting almost and entire day pass by without doing anything except for I decided to invite my friend alice to come along with me to Jason's Halloween party...I must say the party had a nice felt more like a chillout place...where we were all just drinking and chattting...very nice atmosphere I must say...amd of course the highlight of the evening was Jason in his Cherry Pie costume lounging in his modern Ikea platform bed with red sheets...haha...I saw Jimmy smoke for the first time...and had a coversation with james about diarrhea...cause he was having stomach cramps from the hot pot and cold drink...Namitha stayed and left to go to another party...Daniel came in a sexy leopard print minidress...then later a bunch of other people came in costumes as well... I was endlessly taking photos with my new nokia 7610 cell phone...haha
I must say the evening was truely a feast for the eye!

Lilly Dee's "Recommendations" for Fall

Fall's Must Have:

Luella Carry-all
Balenciaga distressed leather "city" bag
Lanvin "Hero" chain bag

Louis Vuitton wool and silk scarf
Hermes "H" cuff bracelet
Christian Dior sterling silver pyramid cocktail ring
Chritian Roth wrap around titanium sunglasses
Chopard "Happy Diamond" stainless steal watch with matching pendant

Comme Des Garcon by Junya Watanabe puffed black or tweed wool blazer
Iseey Miyake, Pleats Please black t-shirt
Issey Miyake grey jacket
Rick Owens' cotton and silk "racerback" tank top

Tod's Ascot Tall boot
Chanel Sport riding boot
Helmut Lang "horse hair covered" boot

haha... I have always wanted to do one of those "editor's pick" things like in Vogue Magazine... I guess I finally have the chance now to do so!