Saturday, October 30, 2004

7610, a film by Lilly Dee

"7610" is the story of a girl who calls her parents in Taiwan and asks them to buy her a new cell cell phone...the parents ask her what cell phone?...and she says the Nokia 7610...they say ok they will check up on it...then one day the dad makes a sudden phone call to his daughter scolding her about her warped values in chosing such an expensive phone and that her job as a student is to be concerned with her school work and not some "flashy" cell phone. As a result both father and daughter did not talk for an entire week.
A week later when the mother was heading to New York, the father secretly snuck the cell phone in her last in NY the daughter was surprised with the nokia 7610 that she had wanted...and so she lived happily ever after...haha...for a while and asked herself the same old question "What now? Where do I go from here?".

This epic drama is coming soon to a theater near you, with Pei Yang as the father, Mei Yang as the mother and Lilly Dee as the watch out for "7610" inspired by Wong-Kar Wai's most recent film "2046".

why? why? why? why blog? I don't really know why I have decided to start my own blog...perhaps becuase I was inspired by james...or maybe some part of me is just extroverted...although I am a "very shy" person,...just like james. But whatever the reason..for blogging...I think it will be helpful for me in my "quest" to find my true find peel away all the layers and find the true Lilly Dee...haha...
Yes, so when I mentioned peeling away the layers to find myself, I meant layers of material "goodies" that is taking over my the hopes of unconvering a less "shallow minded" Lilly Dee, because everyone seems to like the equation Lilly Dee=Shopping...haha